My name is Gina Redzanic. I am a mom of 2 amazing girls, Addison and Avery. My career originally began as an Elementary School Teacher from 2000-2007. As much as I enjoyed teaching, I felt I wanted to dabble in other career paths. I went into the Corporate scene for about a year and a half, during this time I also married my husband, Rod. My corporate job was so different from teaching. I loved getting to leave for lunch and going to happy hours after work...but when the holidays came around, and I only had Christmas Day off, I thought... this is not right! It was also a demanding and high pressure atmosphere. I did not feel it was the right fit. When I was pregnant with our first daughter, the recession of 2008/2009 hit. I was let go of my position at 8 months pregnant. This was a great way to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Four months after my daughter was born, my husband lost his job. At the time, he also was running fitness boot camps as a hobby, and decided he was going to make a business of it. For the next 3 years I stayed home with my daughter Addison, welcomed a new daughter Avery, and ran all the "behind the scenes" work of our business. I remember struggling with feeling like I should be more happy to be home with my girls. But I was missing adult contact, I was missing connecting with people, I was losing myself. I remember telling a friend, "I am in a funk, but I do not know why. I have a happy marriage, I get to stay home with my girls, I can support Rod's business.... but I feel I am in a funk." Two weeks later, I was introduced to Isagenix, and things began to change. Initially, I was excited to start a nutrition system and something I can do with my husband. At this time, Avery was 6 months old. I was still holding on to belly fat, super exhausted, and struggled to find the motivation to get through a work out. After seeing amazing results with the products, people started asking me for help. I felt really important again, I felt like I was making a difference and inspiring people, I felt more confident! After 2 years of casually sharing these products, I attended my first event with Isagenix. I decided that this was a serious opportunity that can change the financial blueprint for my family. So, I got to work... and I built my belief, I developed leadership skills, I became more organized, I started attracted others into my team, and within 2 years I was at a 6 figure annual income. I showed my 2 little girls how mommy can be home with them and can have time for drop off, pick up, field trips, birthday parties, baking, reading to them at night and still rock my own At Home Business. This is when I learned how to BE A BOSS.

why Isagenix

With products bundled into simple, solutions-based systems, Isagenix makes it easy for people to find the perfect solution based on their individual goals and lifestyle. The best things in life are shared by people talking to people, and Isagenix will reward you for sharing our products with others. All products are backed by science, contain high-quality ingredients rigorously tested for safety, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

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